I am so excited you’ve found your way here! I am a certified birth doula through DONA International and a licensed massage therapist. I provide pregnancy and birth support to Colorado Springs women and families, as well as massage therapy for women.


Birth + massage = a more relaxed mother and can often lead to a smoother, more comfortable birth.

I am passionate about supporting women and families in achieving a healthy, positive, evidence-based birth experience. I assist women who envision unmedicated births, as well as women who desire the support medication has to offer. No matter your birthing location (hospital, home or birth center), whether you desire a VBAC or you are in need of a cesarean, whether you are single or have a partner/spouse, I would be honored to walk through this life-changing time with you. I offer educational, emotional and physical support, prenatally and during your labor. I have no agenda or preconceived notion of what your birth should look like. I am here to support your vision.

I find deep satisfaction in mothering the mother and helping to create a healthy beginning for you and your baby. This is an event that will make a mark on the rest of your life. Redeeming scars from previous births, or creating a positive start with your first birth, is of supreme importance to me. 

A bit about me…

As funny as it may sound, my excitement for birth was first piqued when I witnessed one of my goats giving birth on my family’s small hobby farm when I was in high school. As the doe pressed her forehead against the side of the barn wall, I felt a sense of wonder with this mother, her birthing process and new life. I knew I wanted to stay by her side. Through the births of my own children, I have come to realize the invaluable need for labor support and how a positive or negative birth experience can have an impact on a woman’s entire life. I have carried this belief through to other birthing women.

In 2001, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature at Gordon College in Massachusetts. In 2005, I graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and became a licensed massage therapist. I have always worked in helping fields throughout my life, first as a veterinary technician and currently as a massage therapist providing deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal and Swedish massage to women. Originally from Massachusetts, I have lived in Colorado Springs since 2008 with my husband, five children, two cats, a dog, two birds and three chickens. When not assisting birthing families, I enjoy spending time with my animals, biking, gardening, baking and writing.

Here’s to a radiant, empowered, whole-hearted birth!

~Leah Boains

*All client photos used with permission