I am so excited you’ve found your way here! I am a certified birth doula through DONA International and a licensed massage therapist. I provide birth support services to Colorado Springs women and families, as well as massage therapy for women.


Birth + massage = a more relaxed mother and can often lead to a smoother, more comfortable birth.

Whether you envision birthing at home, free-standing birth center, or a hospital, having a natural or medicated birth, I am here to support you. I offer educational, emotional and physical support, prenatally and during your labor. I have no agenda or preconceived notion of what your birth should look like. I am here to support your vision.

I find deep satisfaction in mothering the mother and helping to create a healthy beginning for you and your baby. This is an event that will make a mark on the rest of your life. Redeeming scars from previous births, or creating a positive start with your first birth, is of supreme importance to me. 

A bit about me…

As funny as it may sound, my excitement for birth was first piqued when I witnessed one of my goats giving birth on my family’s small hobby farm when I was in high school. As she pressed her forehead against the side of the barn wall, I felt a sense of wonder with this mother, her birthing process and new life. I knew I wanted to stay by her side. Through the births of my own children, I have come to realize the invaluable need for labor support and how a positive or negative birth experience can have an impact on a woman’s entire life. I have carried this belief through to other birthing women.

In 2001, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature at Gordon College in Massachusetts. In 2005, I graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and became a licensed massage therapist. I have always worked in helping fields throughout my life, first as a veterinary technician and currently as a massage therapist providing deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal and Swedish massage to women. Originally from Massachusetts, I have lived in Colorado Springs for ten years with my husband, five children, two cats, a dog, a bird and three chickens. When not assisting birthing families, I enjoy spending time with my animals, biking, gardening, baking and writing.

~Leah Boains

*All photos used with permission