Birth Support

I am passionate about supporting women and families in achieving a healthy, positive, evidence-based birth experience. I assist women who envision natural unmedicated births, as well as women who desire the support medication has to offer. No matter your birthing location…hospital, home or birth center…whether you are desiring a VBAC or you are in need of a cesarean…whether you are single or have a partner/spouse, I would be honored to walk through this life-changing event with you.

Here’s to a radiant, empowered, whole-hearted birth!

Pricing for Birth Support: $600

This includes:

  • One prenatal or postpartum massage
  • One to three prenatal visits to prepare for labor
  • One to two postpartum visits to process the birth, provide breastfeeding support and  assess whether any referrals are needed
  • Unlimited texts and phone calls
  • I am on call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks. When you are in active labor, we will assess together when is best for me to arrive. I will join you at your home or the hospital/birth center
  • Continuous labor support, which includes massage, acupressure, assistance with optimal labor positions to speed labor and encourage baby to engage in the proper position, hot/cold therapy, assistance in self-advocacy, informational and emotional support, as well as relief for spouse/partner
  • I will stay up to two hours after the birth, but will leave sooner if you desire  private family bonding

*I provide a complimentary meet and greet to decide whether we are a good fit before hiring me. I highly encourage you to bring your partner, spouse or any family members who will be present for the birth to all prenatal visits.

*Payment plans available. Full amount due by 37 weeks.