Birth Support

Complete Doula Support package:

  • Complimentary consultation to determine if we are a good fit
  • 2 in-home prenatal meetings to talk through birth options, discuss your birth vision (as well as plan B and C), conduct a birth rehearsal, practice comfort measures, prepare for postpartum, explore how your partner and I can best work together as a team and get to know each other
  • 1 in-home postpartum visit to process your birth, provide breastfeeding support and  assess whether any referrals are needed
  • Unlimited support and resources via text, email and phone call during your pregnancy and postpartum period
  • On call 24/7 beginning at 37 weeks
  • Continuous labor support in your home and at your place of birth in active labor, which includes massage, acupressure, assistance with optimal labor positions to speed labor and encourage baby to engage in the proper position, hot/cold therapy, assistance in self-advocacy, informational and emotional support, relief for spouse/partner…and more!
  • 1 to 2 hours immediate postpartum support

Investment: $750


Labor and Birth Only package:

  • Everything listed above in the Complete Doula Support package, minus in-home prenatal and postpartum visits
  • This package is offered to mothers who desire streamlined care and are confident in their birth preparation. Recommended for mothers who have had a previous vaginal birth or have taken childbirth education classes.

Investment: $550



  • 60 min Prenatal massage: $65
  • 60 min Induction massage: $65
  • 60 min Postpartum massage: $50

*Payment plans available. Full fee due by 37 weeks.

*If I have previously supported you, please inquire about my returning families discount!