Childbirth Education

I have collaborated with five other birth and postpartum doulas to form the Empowerd Life Childbirth Education Collective.

In our four week (one night per week), in-person, childbirth education course, each of the six doulas offers unique wisdom, experience and support. Content comes from PlumTree Baby curriculum with elements of Birthing from Within and Spinning Babies, along with hypno/relaxation techniques. We also offer two additional weeks of classes on Breastfeeding and Newborn care. Classes are held at Beginnings Birth Center in Colorado Springs.

This comprehensive childbirth education course includes:

  • anatomy
  • stages of labor and a-typical labor patterns
  • tips for partner
  • breathing techniques and relaxation scripts
  • comfort measures
  • addressing fears and exploring birth art
  • birth positions throughout each stage of labor (Spinning Babies) and prepping your body and baby for a smoother birth
  • interventions
  • nutrition
  • unexpected events
  • advocacy
  • home birth, birth center and hospital scenarios
  • transfers
  • informed consent and more!

You will complete this class feeling empowered and prepared for your birth journey, postpartum and beyond!

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*All courses are Beginnings Birth Center Approved!