“Leah is an absolute pleasure to work with! I hired her as my birth doula and she went above and beyond for my home birth. When I called her and said I think baby is coming, she was at my house within minutes and coached me incredibly well through a very intense, but short, 2 hour labor! She is calm, confident and knows exactly what to do. Leah actually caught my baby girl when my midwife team missed the birth!”

Julie- Colorado Springs, 2022

“Leah was absolutely instrumental in the success of our birthing experience. She has such a calming presence and kept me so relaxed throughout my difficult labor and birth. She gave me so much confidence and helped me tap into a sense of stillness and strength as I moved through each contraction. She was also so incredible at giving my husband tools to support me through the process, as well. You will be doing yourself a great service to hire Leah as your doula. I cannot imagine having done it without her.”

Brittany- Colorado Springs, 2021
Photo credit: https://www.alexafayephotos.com/

“We had a great experience with Leah as our doula. She was with me while I labored early in the morning as my husband made his way back home from an out of town trip, and she stuck with us until our baby boy was born at 1am the next day. She was vital in providing guidance and reassurance through the whole labor experience, and she was super knowledgeable in taking me through positions to help encourage labor along. She’s easy to talk to, has a quiet comforting presence, and provides genuine support in making the process your own. When we have our next baby we’ll definitely be contacting Leah to see if she’s available to be our doula.”

Kierstie- Colorado Springs, 2021

“Our experience with Leah was absolutely phenomenal! I truly cannot imagine our birth story playing out as beautifully as it did without her by our side advocating for us the entire way. Leah is professional, but also such a supportive friend in the way she interacts. When I began to panic she was there reminding me that I’m safe and in control. Her knowledge of laboring positions was SO helpful for us when it came time to getting our baby in the correct position. Having Leah as our doula was honestly the best decision we could have made when it comes to our controlled decisions. She was amazing, and we plan to use Leah for any future babies we bring into the world!”

Krista- Colorado Springs, 2021

“Leah was such a blessing and we are so glad that we chose her to be our doula. I cant say enough about her calming energy and dedication to see your labor through. I had a particularly long and difficult labor with a sunny side up baby. She was by my side every minute while I labored at home and while I labored at the birth center. Her energy is so incredibly calming. After 22 hours, it was clear that I needed a hospital transfer. She stayed overnight and by my side during an uncertain birth for an additional 12 hours. She advocated for me at the hospital when I may have been too exhausted to advocate for myself. Leah went above and beyond for my labor and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a doula.” 

Victoria- Colorado Springs, 2020

“Leah was my doula for the birth of my son last week. My husband and I couldn’t have done it without her! We are so thankful we chose her to assist with our birth at Beginnings Birth Center. 10/10, highly recommend for every mom who needs birth support! As a first-time mom, I was pretty anxious about the whole thing, and wanted to give up more than once. From earlier labor at home, to two hours of pushing at the birth center, Leah was highly engaged and worked super well with my husband to encourage me and help me get through it. When my husband was at a loss of how to help, Leah was right there to offer a suggestion for a new position or way to support me. Leah is a reassuring and calming presence. She knows her stuff and her demeanor was exactly what I needed. If we decide to have another child, we would definitely use Leah again. Thank you for everything, Leah!”

Stephanie- Colorado Springs, 2020

“Leah is an incredible asset to have on your birth team. She is calm, gentle and knowledgeable. She has so many tricks to help you through each stage of your birthing time. My husband and I both agreed she was invaluable and we would pay twice as much to have her there. She is worth every penny!” 

Roxanne- Colorado Springs, 2020

“Leah was an absolute God send during my pregnancy. She was encouraging and always had such a calming presence about her. She would respond to my questions and was always reassuring. My birth plan quickly changed and she encouraged me the whole time. She brought some peace of mind to my situation. Not only was she an encouragement to me but also my mom. We could not have endured my labor without Leah! Her knowledge and expertise built confidence in me. Her massage and intuition helped me endure a very  difficult labor. I genuinely cannot express enough how much Leah meant during this time! She was a crucial part and I’m so blessed to have had her as part of my team! Highly recommend Leah!” 

Shelby- Colorado Springs, 2020

“We knew Leah was the right doula for us when we first met her. Her presence is calm and reassuring. She helped us talk through what we wanted during our prenatal meetings. My labor was long and drawn out, but once Leah came, she helped us get things going. Her knowledge and massage skills were an incredible thing to have during labor. It was really incredible to have her cheer me on, give me water to drink, rub my back, and just be with me when I was in labor and even postpartum. I was so thankful to have her and I really don’t think I could’ve done it without her. If we have more babies, you better believe we are going to call Leah.” 

Becca- Colorado Springs, 2020

“Leah is a tremendous doula, and I could not recommend her services more enthusiastically. Leah provided prenatal and labor support for my husband and I for the birth of our first baby in the fall, and her support was an essential part of our positive birth experience. In the weeks before our due date, Leah came to our home twice to discuss our vision for the birth and develop a plan for laboring. Her knowledge, compassion, and attention to detail made us feel empowered and prepared for the experience. When the big day arrived, Leah’s presence helped us stay calm during labor, and her knowledge ensured that we arrived at the hospital at exactly the right time. She even thought to grab a couple of things from our house like blankets and pillows that ended up being essential to our hospital stay! I ended up with a doctor I didn’t know being the one to deliver our baby, and I’m so grateful that Leah was right there to help encourage and advocate for us in the moment. Leah remained at the hospital for several hours after our daughter was born to help us process the birth, which my husband and I really appreciated. Our experience was so positive, and Leah was absolutely critical. I won’t hesitate to call her again for my next pregnancy!”

Sarah- Colorado Springs, 2020

“If you or anyone you know is looking for a doula, please look into having Leah! She was so wonderful! Truly made the birthing process for me 100 times easier! Leah has this sense of peace about her! This calming essence that creates such a relaxing and beautiful environment! I won’t go through another birth without Leah because of the way she handled the whole labor process!”

Danielle- Colorado Springs, 2018

“Our first natural birth exceeded any expectations we had thanks to our wonderful doula. We knew Leah was “the one” at our first meeting. Her demeanor and presence was so calming. She has such a gentle and passionate soul. At first, we were a little nervous about what was in store for us. Yet, Leah ensured we were prepared. She showed us exercises, props, and other techniques to make laboring more comfortable and effective. She was always reassuring and positive about our capabilities. During the actual labor process her confidence in us, as well as herself, never waivered. She allowed my body to labor as it saw fit. All the while offering many amazing positions during active labor and during our stalling point. The honey straws and massages she provided gave me life !! Leah was literally there every step of the way. She even accompanied us in the car to the birth center. The words of encouragement she gave, as our baby was entering earth side, was exactly what I needed in that moment. We feel so blessed to have had her by our side through this process. God himself couldn’t have hand picked a better doula for us!”

Sarah & Val- Colorado Springs, 2019

“My experience using a doula was amazing! Leah was amazing, from massage to helping me remember to breathe. She was a great partner beside me and my husband, she was such a supportive person! Thank you so much, this experience will never be forgotten! It was also amazing that she is a Hypnobabies hypno-doula, which I used to birth our baby!”

Brittany- Colorado Springs, 2020

“Although we weren’t able to have Leah attend the actual birth of our daughter due to the pandemic we are facing, we really appreciated the few prenatal visits we had with her and all the knowledgeable advice she was able to give us through the last few weeks of our pregnancy. She gave us helpful tips and resources on how to turn our breech baby, how to encourage the baby to drop lower, and of course most importantly how to manage the pain during contractions and labor. All this and more! We really felt supported by her and appreciated being able to contact her anytime with questions and concerns leading up to the birth. Overall we were so happy to have had Leah there for us through our journey to parenthood, we would definitely recommend her services to anyone!” 

Rachel- Colorado Springs, 2020

“I chose Leah to be my doula for the delivery of my fourth baby because she is an amazing massage therapist, and just being around her is relaxing and calming!  She met with me many times before that day, and talked about what she could offer and what I would want, and we came up with a good plan.  Leah is so kind, and she made the whole thing about me and what I wanted.  When we got to the hospital, my water had broken and my contractions had stopped. They wanted to induce me after a few hours.  Leah helped me get up and moving around and my contractions started again and I didn’t have to be induced.  My desire for a natural birth was achieved with Leah’s help! During labor, she was a calm steady presence in the room that I really needed.  She had specific pressure point therapy techniques that reduced the intensity of contractions significantly!  She worked well with my husband and let him just be close to me and encourage me while she massaged and helped make sure I had everything I needed..  She made the whole experience more relaxing and easy.  She coached and encouraged me in just the right times.  During transition, she put pressure on my lower back and it made those sharp frequent sensations about half as intense!  When my energy was low right before the pushing stage began, she got close to my face and told me not to give up and that I could do it.  I was encouraged and strengthened to get through the last little bit and meet my baby boy!  My only regret was that I didn’t have Leah at my other three births!  She’s amazing!”

Amanda- Colorado Springs, 2017

“So far, Leah has been the doula for the births of two of my grandchildren.  She was amazing.  All of her focus was completely on my daughters and making them comfortable during their labors.  Her skill as both a doula and massage therapist proved invaluable.  We are looking forward to having her help in the labor and delivery of our next grandbaby who is due in July.”

Dina- Colorado Springs, 2019

“Leah was an incredible help during my pregnancy and labor! The nurses strongly recommended a Pitocin induction, but we had previously had a bad experience with Pitocin. Leah helped us communicate our wishes with the hospital staff, and was able to help move labor along more quickly than the nurses expected. She was very respectful of me and my husband’s wishes – when we wanted her help and when we wanted privacy. She was helpful in answering all of our questions and giving us helpful information throughout my pregnancy and early labor; but she was most helpful during active labor! Whenever I felt like I couldn’t continue, she was there to encourage me, recommend changing positions, massage pressure points, and help me stay focused. She took a lot of pressure off of my husband, so that he could focus more on encouraging me and being my emotional support. I would never want to go through labor again without her!”

Robyn- Colorado Springs, 2019

“I am so thankful to have had Leah on my support team and as a part of my son’s birth. She was truly a blessing to my husband and I throughout my entire birth, from when I called her in the middle of the night with a question about whether or not I was really starting my birthing time to the hour after my son was born. She was encouraging, calm, and kind every step of the way, and was able to share great ideas for moving things along, as well as ways my husband could participate and encourage me, too. Her gentle voice and hand on my shoulder were exactly the support I needed through so much of my birth. So grateful you were there, Leah!”

Anne- Colorado Springs, 2020

“We knew Leah was a great fit from our very first meeting! Her calm, reassuring presence was exactly what we needed, especially considering how my labor and delivery ended up going. After about 60 hours over 4 days and 3 separate stalls, Leah was with us nearly the whole time. She had a lot of good ideas to help get labor gong again once it stalled, and knew when to sit tight and when to call the midwives. She was unable to come to the hospital with us (thanks to Covid19 restrictions) but was available by phone if we had questions and was available to us postpartum. I highly recommend Leah!” 

Trish- Colorado Springs, 2020

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