“Leah was an incredible help during my pregnancy and labor! The nurses strongly recommended a Pitocin induction, but we had previously had a bad experience with Pitocin. Leah helped us communicate our wishes with the hospital staff, and was able to help move labor along more quickly than the nurses expected. She was very respectful of me and my husband’s wishes – when we wanted her help and when we wanted privacy. She was helpful in answering all of our questions and giving us helpful information throughout my pregnancy and early labor; but she was most helpful during active labor! Whenever I felt like I couldn’t continue, she was there to encourage me, recommend changing positions, massage pressure points, and help me stay focused. She took a lot of pressure off of my husband, so that he could focus more on encouraging me and being my emotional support. I would never want to go through labor again without her! ”

-Robyn, Colorado Springs

“I chose Leah to be my doula for the delivery of my fourth baby because she is an amazing massage therapist, and just being around her is relaxing and calming!  She met with me many times before that day, and talked about what she could offer and what I would want, and we came up with a good plan.  Leah is so kind, and she made the whole thing about me and what I wanted.  When we got to the hospital, my water had broken and my contractions had stopped. They wanted to induce me after a few hours.  Leah helped me get up and moving around and my contractions started again and I didn’t have to be induced.  My desire for a natural birth was achieved with Leah’s help! During labor, she was a calm steady presence in the room that I really needed.  She had specific pressure point therapy techniques that reduced the intensity of contractions significantly!  She worked well with my husband and let him just be close to me and encourage me while she massaged and helped make sure I had everything I needed..  She made the whole experience more relaxing and easy.  She coached and encouraged me in just the right times.  During transition, she put pressure on my lower back and it made those sharp frequent sensations about half as intense!  When my energy was low right before the pushing stage began, she got close to my face and told me not to give up and that I could do it.  I was encouraged and strengthened to get through the last little bit and meet my baby boy!  My only regret was that I didn’t have Leah at my other three births!  She’s amazing!”

-Amanda, Colorado Springs

“So far, Leah has been the doula for the births of two of my grandchildren.  She was amazing.  All of her focus was completely on my daughters and making them comfortable during their labors.  Her skill as both a doula and massage therapist proved invaluable.  We are looking forward to having her help in the labor and delivery of our next grandbaby who is due in July.”

-Dina, Colorado Springs